Monday, March 12, 2012

History or Literature

     So, when was the last time someone asked you about the things you love to do? Apparently, it means nothing after seeing this wonderful and inspiring movie last weekend. So what if they asks you what your hobbies or interest are, or the things that you love doing? Most people like to listen but not all of them really want to neither know nor understand why these things interest you or perhaps makes you feel happy.

          Knowing someone who asks WHY you like doing these things is the real score. As what my high school teacher told me before, you can tell anyone what you want but you can’t force them to believe every bit of your words. Doesn’t it sound cooler when someone doesn’t just listens and asks why you like the these stuffs but also genuine appreciates and compliments unconditionally of what they have heard and seen about you?

          Well, the thing is, these sort of people aren’t a type of a dime a dozen. Apparently, they only do exist in movies, dramas or perhaps novels but I would still love to believe that they’re all scattered around and waiting to be discovered. Finding them is like looking for a needle on a haystack with only few to relatively zero percent chance of finally meeting one.

          Most of you are probably skeptical of why the title seemed to have slipped a little out of here. Well, I got it from the movie that I have seen this weekend. A couple of brother lost both parents at an early age and the older brother have taken the full responsibility of raising his younger brother started carrying the world on his shoulders while sacrificing a lot. A truly inspiring movie that has exhibited how distractions and cross roads come across to people lives.

          Sometimes, even though how firm and decided we are, there will still be a point in our lives where we tend to get distracted, think twice, and maybe forgot the main reason why we strive hard and keep fighting. But do you know what the best part is? It’s when you realize what would really make you feel happy and decide unconditionally without counting how much you have lost in order for all to be happy.

          Sacrifice is what makes the success even sweeter. Slipping off from the path is a simple matter but going back on track is the real deal.


  1. Nice Sensei! I definitely agree.."Sacrifice is what makes the success even sweeter. Slipping off from the path is a simple matter but going back on track is the real deal."

    1. Hihihi.. Thanks my student! Yeah yeah yeah.. I watched a movie yesterday and were really enlightened. ^^